Shane is a globally recognized storyteller, author and keynote speaker. For over 15 years now he has been regularly sharing his powerful and engaging story principles at hundreds of brands, conferences and companies like Walt Disney, Exxon Mobil, FedEx, American Express, US Bank and Ford. 


His fascination with the power of story started early in his childhood with an influential pair of heroes - Batman and Luke Skywalker. Many a day on a small farm in western Ohio was consumed with him dressed up in a towel-made-cape fighting the underbelly of Gotham or wielding a homemade cardboard lightsaber battling the forces of the evil Empire.


He graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Industrial Design and for many years at Procter & Gamble he would be a design leader for billion dollar brands like Tide, Dawn, Cascade, Downy and Pampers. Then one day long ago he decided it was time to write a screenplay and that meant immersing himself into the timeless world of storytelling. Books, classes, weekends in LA and NYC, mythology, story psychology...you name it, he dug into it.

Eventually, after years of studying screenwriting, movies and mythology, Shane discovered that the art and science behind his favorite films could also be used as an innovation, communication or business building tool in ANY industry. His position began to dramatically change and today he is the Procter & Gamble Company Historian & Corporate Storyteller. Outside of P&G he continues to regularly deliver his StoryMythos keynotes and workshops to hundreds of companies and brands around the world.  


Just like when he was a kid, he still finds tons of inspiration for new StoryMythos content from his favorites in stage, page and screen.


If you are interested in booking Shane for your event click on "Contact" in the menu or email him directly at storymythos@gmail.com. Let's tell your story!