Whether a keynote or a full day workshop, Shane will ensure that every audience member leaves with actionable principles and tools to help create and tell better stories. Some of the content he covers includes topics like:


  • What is a story and the role stories play in human learning, emotion and memorability

  • The critical importance of leveraging the trends from stage, page and screen in your business 

  • Why it is important to TELL, not sell, your story and the precious "currency" that great stories require

  • The science of storytelling - why they work so well

  • The "Head and Heart" effect and how to use data and facts effectively in stories

  • Why story is like cooking and the 5 key ingredients needed (along with a special and secret 6th)

  • The one and only story framework...ONE structure to rule them all - the sentence that sums up every story ever told!

  • The Mentor character in a story and why your brand has a lot in common with Glinda the Good Witch and Obi Wan Kenobi

  • The 4 skills of a great storyteller - being Vulnerable, being a “Good Thief”, being Provocative and being Tenacious

  • Some of the biggest storytelling mistakes and how to avoid them…the watch-outs!

  • Using “Sequel-Thinking” as a strategic planning tool (trust me, you can learn a lot from the  Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Toy Story 1-4)

  • A series of “hands-on” exercises based on Hollywood-esque tools - lots of fun!!!


Audience members will leave with a clear understanding in the power a great story can have along with their ability to create one! Most importantly, listeners will leave with a series of inspiring and helpful storytelling techniques and methods that can be applied to ANY type of business and ANY business discipline.

CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW - Article from BrandChannel written by Joe Pantigoso (Senior Director, SAP) after 2016 Conference Board Presentation

"This workshop really gave me the opportunity to put my creative problem-solving hat back on and re-lit a spark in me.  I so enjoyed being able to step away from the everyday and be able to learn a new way to approach tasks at hand.  A very enriching experience, thank you so much!"

- Lindsay, Walt Disney Consumer Products


"When Meeker conducts his storytelling workshops, he instills in his audience the enthusiasm of college freshmen, and inspires them with his favorite movies.  Whether at companies or at conferences or universities, Meeker holds his audience spell-bound through a combination of expertise, passion and audience participation."

- excerpt from book Creating Breakthrough Products, 2nd Edition by Jonathan Cagan and Craig M. Vogel


“It was such a treat to have Shane at the Ross School of Business!  Not only was the content of his presentation extremely useful, Shane was an incredibly engaging presenter.  He boils down so much storytelling expertise into key takeaways and frameworks, it’s impossible to walk away not feeling excited and prepared to integrate storytelling into the business world.”

- Ava, University of Michigan MBA Candidate, President of Design+Business Club, Storylab Leader


“Shane has an uncanny ability to engage with his audience by drawing them into his “story” - whether through movie references or brand examples, he keeps your attention and leaves you wanting more!”

- Shawnee, Givaudan Manager of HR Analytics & Business Process


Shane Meeker, and his 'StoryMythos' framework, is both energizing and transformational.  Throughout the course of his keynote address to our entire Brand Building team, he challenged our mindset, inspired our soul, and motivated our hearts.  We have stories to tell, so why are we letting them stagnate in the dark?  Shane shines a bright light into a world of 'what could be' and points the way for us to take our own, personal hero's journey."

- Dave, Centene, EVP Business Integration and CMO


“Shane has led a permanent shift in the way to innovate brands and offerings through the power of story.”

- Greg, Worthington Industries, Director of New Product Development

Shane's Story content is featured in the book Creating Breakthrough Products by Cagan & Vogel - check it out by clicking on the book!

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