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Spooky October “What to Watch” Guide:

Movies and TV shows are where many of the trends in STORY start…the industry of STAGE, PAGE and SCREEN. If you want to be better at storytelling you have to keep up with the stories people are following! They are part of pop culture and the societal lexicon! As a business innovator, you need to make a point of keeping up with the classics and the current hits. Remember, your employees, your teams, your colleagues and your consumers are watching and reading them! Many of them may be following the same stories you are.

Spooky October “What to Watch” Guide:

Look at this picture from Tire Discounters. They felt that enough people followed and understood the series Game of Thrones to work a plot point into their advertisement!

With October and Halloween upon us I thought I would send out some reco’s for those of you with some “sit and watch” time coming. A mix of new and classics. Enjoy!!!

Coming to Theaters in Oct:

  • Oct 19 - Halloween - ignores all previous sequels and this follows the 1979 classic…39 years later

  • Oct 12 - Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (kids edition) - the first one was very good

Coming to Netflix Oct 1:

  • The Shining - as classic as it gets (even though Stephen King didn’t like Kubrick’s translation)

Coming to Hulu in Oct (check schedule for exact release dates):

  • The Amityville Horror (the 1979 original)…skip the more recent version

  • Carrie (1976) - also a classic

  • Sleepy Hollow - a favorite Johnny Depp film The Blair Witch Project - be careful of motion sickness but put the “lost footage” genre on the map

Coming to Amazon Prime in Oct (check schedule for exact release dates):

  • Flatliners - can’t see if this is the original or not…but stick with the 1990 version

  • Diabolique - again, hope this is the 1955 version but a classic French thriller…very Hitchcock in style

  • Jeepers Creepers 2 - hey, sometimes a silly monster movie hits the spot in October

Have a wonderful (and thrilling) Halloween season!

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